Financial Assistance

Want to study but just can’t quite afford to yet, Need some ideas for finacial assistance, Where here to help!

Austudy & Centrelink
NHA Australia’s courses are approved for Centrelink Student related payments.

Once you know what course you would like to enrol into come in and talk to one of our course coucillors and we will work out an individual training plan just for you, once this is done you can then apply for Youth allowance, Austudy, ABSTUDY, and/or Pensioner Education Supplement.
You will need following information:
  • Registered Training Organisation (RTO): NHA Australia
  • (RTO) Provider Number: 4891
  • Human Services (Centrelink) Call Centre:
  • Letter from NHA Australia confirming your enrolment into the course
  • Our courses can be done both fulltime or partime, generally your learning workload is around 25hrs perweek, so you can easily hold a part time job allong side your studies if you wish.

    NHA Australia also has a payment plan service that can futher help you along your educational journey if needed, so come in a see how we can help get you started today!