Graduate / Student Testimonials

At NHA Australia we are confident that our trainers provide good training. The following are direct quotes from students who attended the following recent classes, comments like these are consistent throughout all classes
Trigger Point 1 (part of Dip Remed Msg)- September 2018
  • Excellent Teacher
  • Excellent course content
  • Very considerate of different learning styles


Trigger Point 2 (part of Dip Remed Msg) – November 2018

  • Awesome, thankyou so much
  • Excellent Followup from TP1
  • Brilliant!! Good mix of knowledge & Practical – well paced


Celebrancy (Cert IV in Celeb) – Course October 2018

  • Great course, really enjoyable learning environment and a good class size for interactive learning
  • Thank you I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel confident to complete the assignments and gain registration
  • The sessions were very enjoyable & informative … is an excellent facilitator…. Excellent course
  • Wonderful 3 days … was a exceptional trainer


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