NHA Graduates – Interview with Anton Noles

Anton NolesQ. What first interested you in Massage?

Following a Motor Vehicle Accident in 1990, when I sustained multiple injuries and spent a number of weeks in intensive care. My body was dysfunctioning and I recieved a number of different therapies that stimulated my body allowing me to eventually walk again.
This experience was life changing for me and this also changed my career path.
In 1995 I took part in a basic Massage Course and eventually started my business BodyWorks of Naracoorte.

Q. How long have you been Massaging?

My first steps in business were undertaken in 1996, I had limited knowledge in the early days, but I had a passion because of my own personal experience i worked with compassion and respect for those who were willing to come to me for treatment.

Q. What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Truly, this is a wonderful industry to be involved with, I often say that I gave up working when I began in this industry, it is like nothing I have experienced before.
The personal contact with people, helping people through injuries and emotional issues associated with and sometimes contributing to a variety of physical complaints. I find, at times, we have to be Detectives uncovering sometimes deeper problems and when we get it right, everyone is happy.

Q. What was your experience at the Academy like?

I found the NHA provided me with the knowledge I was lacking at the time.
All of the trainers were very helpful in such a practical sense, in providing the necessary information in the wide range of disciplines offered.
The application of the various techniques to use in my practice was an easy transition to make, from the trainer in learning, to the clinic in practice.

Q. How have your studies prepared you for clinical practice?

To have the knowledge is one thing, being able to put it into practice in a clinical situation is a vastly different concept.
NHA provided myself with the knowledge to complete 3 Diploma’s in as many years, this knowledge is know the cornerstone of my practice, from the techniques I use to my Practice Management, regarding the education of patients to my advertising.

Q. What advice would you give ti aspiring Massage Therapists?

Without a doubt, contact the NHA for advice on the courses you will have to undertake, for the path in which you would like to travel.
Look, Listen, Learn and ask questions of your trainers if you are unsure.

Q. What has been the highlight of your career so far?

My personal highlight is having remained in an industry that I Love working in for over 16years, over the years there have been some people who advised me that I might have to get a real job when this one fails. So a big Thank You to the NHA, Peter Farnsworth and the trainers of my classes for keeping my dream alive.

Anton Noles
BodyWorks of Naracoorte
1 Freeling Street
Naracoorte S.A 5271
PH: 08 87621344 Mob: 0409621344

Post script by Peter Farnsworth: Anton Noles was not only a great, enthusiastic student but was determined to make a success of his business. He completes many extra courses a year for his CPE and as a result has a thriving clinic at Naracoorte. Please have a look at his short advertising clip – very professional. Well done Anton!