NHA Graduates – Interview with Georgina Gower

Q. What at first interested you about massage therapy?

I initially became interested in massage whilst recovering from a chronic illness. Through my own experience I came to realise the power of the body-mind connection and discovered that working with the body can help to facilitate the release of held trauma, be it physical or emotional. This spurred me on to want to learn more to be able to assist others to move through their trauma

Q. How long have you been doing the work that you do?

I have been doing this work since January 2010. Prior to this I worked with energy therapies for 4 years.

Q. What do you enjoy most about what you do?

It is very rewarding to see the changes in your clients over time. To see improvement in their health and sense of self is inspiring. It is wonderful to be able to use the tools I have been given to assist people to remember the power of their own internal healing force.

Q. What was your experience at the Academy like?

I enjoyed my time at the academy and sincerely thank the lecturers whose knowledge and practical experience was invaluable. I really appreciated that the course content was such that you could leave the course and immediately apply the skills in your practice. The college also fostered a sense of community and I met many other students who will now be life long friends.

Q. How have your studies at NHA prepared you for clinical practice?

My studies were a sound base for branching out into my own practice. Of course no one can take you by the hand and step you through the process of running your own business but the skills and knowledge gained through my studies gave me the confidence to get started.

Q. What advice would you give to aspiring massage therapists?

I highly recommend studying at the NHA. The options for career paths are numerous and there is flexibility in the curriculum so that if you do start heading down one pathway and realise that you want to change direction, you are able to do so with ease. Also the quality of education is far superior in my opinion. There is more of a focus on a holistic approach which is definitely the way that the complementary health industry is heading for the future.

Q. What has been the highlight of your career so far?

The highlight of my career so far has been has been meeting Pat Farnsworth and having the opportunity to work alongside her. We are so very fortunate to have someone of her level of skill in Adelaide and I am so very grateful for all that she has taught me and many others.

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