NHA Library and Resource Centre

Conditions of use

The NHAA library and resource centre is a privilege given by NHAA only for the use of current NHAA students, trainers and staff and has strict conditions of use. By accessing this resource and any or all of the materials contained therein you are freely agreeing to the following and are bound to these rules and conditions of use.

  • Access is for personal use only while you are a current enrolled student at NHAA.
  • Materials shall not be used or reproduced in part or in whole for any commercial purpose or used for any purpose other than for personal study requirements and only while you are a bona fide student at NHAA.
  • The materials contained in the library and resource centre are copywrite to NHAA and or others, as may be noted, and may not be downloaded, copied or redistributed without proper written authority.
  • Materials may not be downloaded without the express written permission of NHAA and it should be noted that NHAA have software that monitors downloading.
  • Access to the library and resource centre is by personal individual password and login to certain areas may require further login and or password(s).
  • You undertake to keep safe and not provide or divulge to any other person your login (s) or password(s).
  • Not all materials are available to any and or all students and subject and or course fee(s) may be required to be paid in order to gain access to specific course and or resource areas.
  • Access to any and or all materials may be time restricted and further fees and or charges may be applicable to regain access to materials.
  • Rules and or conditions of use of the library and recourse centre may be changed and or modified by NHAA with or without notice at any time and it is a condition precedent on using this library and resource centre that the student accepts the current rules and or conditions.

Where any rule, condition or other is breached by a student it is clearly understood and accepted that this will result in the immediate suspension of the access privilege and the loss of any fees paid further such action(s) may result in further disciplinary action and or other actions being taken against the student.

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